Bab Rizq Jameel

Maintenance Planner

Bab Rizq Jameel, Jubail Industrial City

تاريخ انتهاء الإعلان الوظيفي | 30 نوفمبر 2021 |
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Job Description:


·         Plan, scope, and convert to a work execution package

·         Focus on future work. Maximum time shall be used on the shop floor for job planning.

·         Follow maintenance workflow, use software system to track work request

·         Look into the work request and convert into work order with approval with department manager. Estimate work completion time and achieve it. If ther is a gap, analyse it and improve it in future. Planning performance is the key performance indicator for the planner.

·         Set priority for every work through discussion with the originator, department manager, considering business impact and cost.

·         Walk down the job to be planned. Identify trade/craft of the technician. Prioritize trade requirement.

·         Scope every work order to determine if planning is required based on planning priority

·         Understand and apply work planning and workflow. Owner of the planning flow.

·         Create reusable work plan

·         Document the required materials for the work

·         Submit a listing of materials to the crib team for kit preparation

·         Owner of existing asset parts list

·         Arrange external contractor if there is a requirement.

·         Deal with vendors for warranty repairs

·         Owner of “Waiting on Material” and “Ready to Plan” work orders and backlogs

·         Maintain latest status of the work order, update the originator

·         Maintain backlog of open work order

·         Develop “Kit with planned job” and send to schedular for execution.

·         Planned jobs library. Obtain feedback of the technicians and shift Supervisors to continuously improve future work.

·         Work with scheduler to allow accurate scheduling.

·         Own the KPI’s to measure planning progress

·         Formalize proven practices on job plans; Improve repair quality

·         Network – Establish relationships with other planners to expand the library

·         Communicate to maintenance engineers for any clarity on planned work.

صيانة / إصلاح
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Electrical Engineer
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5 Years
25 - 36 السنة
SAR. 10,000 - 15,000/السنة
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